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Vanessa triple offset valve (Kopie)

Vanessa triple offset design and unique sealing elements provide zero leakage* through non-rubbing 90-degree rotation across a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions.

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Vanessa triple offset valve

  1. Features & Benefits:
  • A metal seal ring in Duplex (as a minimum) and a highly wear-resistant Stellite® grade 21 seat ensure prolonged superior tightness
  • Asymmetric design and disparate torque demands ensure tightness in both directions
  • Integral position indicators on the shaft and the top mounting flange provide positive disc position indication
  • Single piece cast body, with face-to-face dimensions to ISO 5752, ASME B16.10 and API 609, guarantees interchangeability with other valve types
  • All-metal construction produces an inherently fire safe valve
  • Extensively hardened bearings, incorporating a standard reinforced, braided, flexible graphite bearing protector, ensure increased reliability
  • Blowout-proof shaft is safe to operate and provides complete compliance with API 609 thanks to its four different internal and external retaining devices
  • Double flanged body style also available in jacketed configuration to prevent fluid crystallization