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The answer to Europe’s tightened nitrogen oxide limits

DyNOR™ is the answer to Europe’s tightened nitrogen oxide limits. Simple in design and easy to install, the non-catalytic DyNOR™ process closes the gap between the costly SCR process and the conventional SNCR process. It is an investment which pays off.
The precise and dynamic DyNOR™ process delivers the desired performance with significantly lower investment costs and energy consumption than the SCR process. Ammonia consumption is lower than in the conventional SNCR process thanks to precise temperature measurement and related injection.
As a system partner avintos AG supplies the complete DyNORTM distribution module. DyNORTM is mounted completely in Rheinfelden in Switzerland. The hart of the system is an custom-developed 5-way ball valves from A-TEC. There are also various standard ball valves from PETER MEYER installed.