Review avintos Customer Day 2014 (Kopie) (Kopie) (Kopie)

Avintos had on May 9, 2014 his first Customer Day.
The approximately 100 participants enjoyed an exciting and entertaining evening in Rheinfelden. After the informative and well-attended SIL and ATEX lectures and guided tours, the participants had time to look in more detail our large range of products at the product exhibition.
From the culinary perspective the guests were regaled with Güggeli and knuckles and at the end each visitor received one of our coveted avintos World Cup Planner.
The event was a great success - a good mix of information, good food and humour. It provided a platform for numerous good discussions and a network of contacts among the guests. The feedback from our customers was extremely enjoyable, with statements such as: "better than any fair" or "I'll definitely come back the next time”.