Polypal clean the universal chemical hose for clean rooms

The Polypal clean hose from Elaflex offers a wide range of applications such as for pharmaceuticals, pure chemicals, cosmetics, photographic chemicals, paints and adhesives, detergents and cleaners.
The main advantages are

- OHM / T hose full conductive
- Suction and pressure Hose 
- Cover EPDM light grey and lining UPE no discolouration
- FDA and USP Class VI compliant 
- Temperature range: -30° C to 100° C 
- Ideal for use in clean rooms

This hose has an innovative UPE inner layer with OHM conductive stripe and is for almost all media - no discolouration. Due this EPDM cover light grey antistatic, the hose is fully conductive and has the advantage that it’s also no discolouration. With this combination of different properties, the hose is perfect for use in clean rooms.