Peter Meyer & Co

The "PM ball valve" is manufactured by the company PETER MEYER & Co. in Schaffhausen. In 1960, PETER MEYER & Co. produced the first ball valve and launched it very successfully as an innovative product in the chemical industry.
This ball valve was, and continues to be, continuously refined and improved, and today meets the highest standards of process technology.
In 2000, we found a suitable partner, the company avintos AG, for world-wide sales and distribution.
The standard PM ball valve is a one-piece body design laser welded version in 1.4404. An integrated cavity pressure relief system, virtually no dead space, Fire Safe as standard, anti blowout stem as well as a prestressed packing seal in  accordance to TA-Luft ensure the greatest possible process reliability.
Numerous options and specialities such as tank bottom valves or eccentrically mounted segment  ball valves complete the product range.