• New: The Peter Meyer top entry ball segment valve


Worcester 70 Tube Bore Clean Valves

Forged stainless steel ball valves for high-purity and aseptic processes! <<More>>

Welcome to avintos ULTRAPURE

Mr. Christian Erdin joins our team as Business Development Manager in single-use systems for biotech and life sciences applications. <<more>>

Keofitt – Sampling bags

The Keofitt Sampling Bags have all been developed as single-use solutions to the cumbersome and difficult task of taking a representative sample and bringing it safe and clean from the sampling point to the laboratory. <<more>>
BIAR - Technisch ausgereifte Lösungen

BIAR - The solution for safe sampling

For safe and dependable sampling from reactor boilers, BIAR offers the Type UPR sampling device. <<more>>

Quadax® Butterfly Valves

High pressure, extreme temperature, sizes from 50 mm to 1000 mm and above <<more>>
Biar Probenahmesysteme 1

Biar sampling systems

Biar valves for Inline- and Reactor-Sampling will be adapted to your piping. <<more>>
Schläuche Tufluor PTFE Biotech

avintos builds up her hose business!

In addition to the her good established avintoFLEX Family (PTFE corrugated hoses) and the avintoCHEM - products (EPDM Chemical hoses), avintos extend  its portfolio fluoropolymer hoses with white cover and coextruded PTFE tube for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food applications.

<<Tufluor PTFE Pharm and Tufluor PTFE Biotech hoses >>

New: Sterile Sampling valve „SESAMETM“ from KEOFITT

You want to know more about SESAME ™ and why the steam would be invisible during sampling.

avintoFlex Wellschlauchleitungen

avintoFLEX corrugated PTFE hoses with crimped fittings

avintos offers all PTFE corrugated hoses with crimped hose fittings:

avintoFLEX corrugated PTFE hoses

NEW - KEOFITT - Sample Valves from avintos AG

The overall design of the valve is simple and effective. The construction is solid and durable with smooth surfaces to maximise food safety.

Saffix Klettband

SAFFIX-velcro straps for flanges

The perfect solution to protect flanges against a possible leakage to the outside.

<<SAFFIX-velcro straps>>

Peter Meyer cryogenic ball valves

The cryogenic ball valves are specially designed to be used in cryogenic process installations for very cold media.

<<Peter Meyer cryogenic ball valves >>
Frohe Weihnachten
The avintos-Team wish you a merry and blessed Christmas season and good fortune, health and success in the New Year.

Avintos chemical hoses

Avintos offers a large range of hoses for chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry for each application.

<chemical hoses>

SwissValve Butterfly Valves Type CST

The valves are ideally suited for corrosive applications, requiring reliable performance, tight shutoff, constant torque and no maintenance.

<SwissValve Butterfly Valves>

Thank you Bruno!

After 42 years of untiring effort, Bruno Bitter went into retirement.


Peter Meyer ball valves for solids

The Z-Valve is especially suitable for dry and abrasive solids, such as powders, ash and so on.

<Peter Meyer ball valves for solids>

PS Automation PSR-E

The strong industrial actuator for the low power range up to 50 Nm The quarter-turn actuator series PSR-E is the economical addition to the proven actuator series PSQ for torque requirements 15 Nm to 45 Nm, directly mounted as per ISO 5211. PSR-E series is containing a maintenance-free, low-wear and low-noise spur gear resulting in high efficiency and long lifetime.

<<Brochure PSRE>>
Peter Meyer Top Entry Kugelsegmenthahn
The new TEK valve is especially suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry in multi-purpose plants where fast and good cleaning is required.

<<product advantages top entry Segment valves>>

Vanessa triple offset valve

Vanessa triple offset design and unique sealing elements provide zero leakage* through non-rubbing 90-degree rotation across a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions.

<Vanessa triple Offset valve>


Stefan Asal <more>

Polypal clean the universal chemical hose for clean rooms

The Polypal clean hose from Elaflex offers a wide range of applications such as for pharmaceuticals, pure chemicals, cosmetics, photographic chemicals, paints and adhesives, detergents and cleaners. <more>

Keystone butterfly valves Series GR

We are glad to present you the new features of the Keystone butterfly valve GR. The valve is now available in several new designs, with EPDM, FKM or NBR seats and also with polyamide coated disc for wastewater and seawater applications.


Frohe Weihnachten
The avintos-Team wish you a merry and blessed Christmas season and good fortune, health and success in the New Year.

The new Peter Meyer TEK-valve is very easy to maintain and has a long service life. <<more>>

New high performance jacket for PTFE corrugated hoses <more>

Human Resources
Welcome! <more>
Serie RMK RFK coaxial valves green line ®

The green line series has been specially developed as an energy efficient series of
solenoid valves. For this reason directly-controlled standard valves from
müller co-ax have been paired with completely new, patented control
electronics. <more>

New: Avintos chemical hoses

Mid-June the new warehouse and assembly area for the avintos hoses has successfully be inaugurated. Avintos offers hoses for chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry for each application. >> MORE >>

Review avintos Customer Day 2014

Avintos had on May 9, 2014 his first Customer Day. The approximately 100 participants enjoyed an exciting and entertaining evening in Rheinfelden. After the informative and well-attended SIL and ATEX lectures and guided tours, the participants had time to look in more detail our large range of products at the product exhibition.  >> MORE >>

Jordan control valve MK 75 

The MK 75 control valve wafer style control valve was developed by Jordan as the next generation of control valves. Featuring all the benefits of the time-tested Sliding Gate design, in a lightweight, compact wafer-style body, the MK 75 control valve dramatically reduces the size and weight of conventional control valves. 
>> MORE >>

Peter Meyer segment ball valves for difficult media

Standard ball valves can have difficulty by abrasive media, such as adhesives and dyes, products with catalyst, powder and solids.

>> MORE >>

Flowrox Pinch valves  

Flowrox pinch valves are ideal for shut-off or control applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or granular substances. Flowrox valves improve your productivity by improving process efficiency and extending service intervals.

>> MORE >>

The automatic pressure reducing valve of MK96

The Mark 96 operates by sensing the pressure under the diaphragm on the downstream side of the seat. As the downstream pressure reaches the set point, the force caused by the pressure acting on the diaphragm overcomes the force of the range spring and the plug begins to move up toward closed. This reduces the downstream pressure and maintains the set point. If the pressure underneath the diaphragm begins to fall, the spring forces the plug to move down towards open, to allow the set point to be maintained.

>> MORE >>

The answer to Europe’s tightened nitrogen oxide limits

DyNOR™ is the answer to Europe’s tightened nitrogen oxide limits. Simple in design and easy to install, the non-catalytic DyNOR™ process closes the gap between the costly SCR process and the conventional SNCR process. It is an investment which pays off.

>> MORE >> 

In-line sampling valve from Neotecha  

The Sapro® Sampling System from Neotecha is a simple, safe and effective method for the representative sampling of highly corrosive media without having to interrupt the ongoing process.  
Depending on the model, the Sapro® Sampling System works according to the bottle method or the piston syringe method. The latter method enables compliance with different security levels in the use of various sample containers for different use cases.

>> MORE >>

The solution for safe sampling! 

For safe and dependable sampling from reactor boilers, without having to interrupt the ongoing process, Neotecha offers the Type PV sampling device.

>> MORE >>

New Keystone Series GR resilient seated butterfly valves

We are excited to announce the release of the new Keystone Global Resilient (GR) seated butterfly valve. This valve has been designed with global specifications in mind and is in accordance to API 609 and EN 593. This new product aimed at general-purpose applications.

>> MORE >>

Extension of the vertical storage systems

Growing demands of our customers as well as increasing product complexity and diversity has led us to expand our two vertical storage systems with a third one.

>> MORE >>

New Position

Jasmin Albiez changes from the order handling and purchasing services as a technical sale for Southern Area, export, and North West Area. We look forward to provide her technical, learned knowledge to our customers and wish her good luck in this new role!
You can reach Ms Albiez as follows:

E-Mail:                 jalbiez@avintos.ch
Tel.:                       +41 61 836 15 23

Neotecha ball valves offer an airtight seal with highest corrosion resistance!
Highest corrosion resistance together with a bubble-tight shut-off are the characteristics of the PFA-lined ball valves Neotecha Type NTB and NTC by Pentair Valves & Controls.

>> MORE >>

Electrohydraulic valve actuator
The new electrohydraulic valve actuator developed by HOERBIGER satisfies the high requirements that are expected from a flexible, automated industrial valve. The robust, compact, and modular design offers optimal solution options for specific requirements in several industrial applications.

>> MORE >>

The Keystone CompoSeal® butterfly valve is a high performance line of butterfly valves in the size range from DN 40(1.5 inch) to DN 300(12 inch) as an alternative to ductile iron resilient seated butterfly solutions. Kestone has applied their technical knowledge and field experience to offer high performance in a durable, lightweight package for a competitive price.

>> MORE >>

Peter Meyer ball valve with pressure relief system
The Peter Meyer ball valve will only be available with an integrated pressure relief system. The advantages outweigh those of a ball valve without a pressure relief system such that those advantages can be completely replaced by ball valves with an integrated pressure relief system.

>> MORE >>

Our supplier Flowserve Ahaus GmbH has now the possibility to offer PFA lined ball valves in not available sizes. The actual product portfolio, with full bore up to DN350 / 14”, is complemented with sizes up to DN600 / 24”.

Take a look at the illustration where the DN25 / 1” valve (5kg) and the DN600 / 24” valve (1’500kg) are compared.
As the characteristics the current Atomac portfolio are maintained for those sizes, the full pressure and temperature ranges can be ensured. 

The extension to this size range offers a variety of applications. For example, as an alternative to ball valves from high-alloy steels, in exchange for flaps (full bore), or the requirement of valves in larger sizes in certain industries.

For offers, or further information, please contact our consultants.

The PMV D20 is a compact digital positioner that is very simple and quick to install and operate.
Let us convince you by the short film!

How does the avintos productfinder works? Check out this movie and
find it out.

The PS Automation power failure protection PSCP
Today, it becomes more important to monitor critical processes and ensure a high level of safety by selecting appropriate components. The loss of the plant control in case of power failures is problematic.  

PS AMS actuators can help to solve this problem. With them, the plant control is still possible, even if the power supply has failed.

For detailed information, see the attached pdf.

Retirement of our technical director Max Treyer!
After 29 years, Autar and avintos ag Max Treyer says goodbye and goes in pension!
We could look back on a very successful and pleasant cooperation.

Max Treyer impressed with his technical expertise and helped avintos to establish us as one of the top 3 systems suppliers in Switzerland in the field of industrial valves.
Thank you, Max for everything! We wish you continued good health to your retirement and all the best!

avintos visited the ISM of Müller co-ax
Some representatives of the avintos AG joined, after the visit at ACHEMA, the International Sales Meeting of Müller co-ax in Forchtenberg, Germany. It was a very interesting meeting on which we made many new contacts and many new applications have been presented.
After the International Sales Meeting the football tournament with teams from the participating agencies starts. After several weeks of preparation, the team of avintos AG could prove on the field. After six tournament games, the team received a trophy. Congratulations!

avintos visit ACHEMA in Francfort!
ACHEMA, the world’s leading fair for the process industry is again set to be the flagship event for the entire branch in 2012 and will take place in Francfort from 18 to 22 June 2012. Our suppliers together with our external and internal sales staff are at this important event on the spot. Do you have requests or suggestions that we can place in person, then get in touch with us!
External sales staff from avintos Wien:

Mr. Ludwig Graf, present from 18.06.-19.06.2012
Mr. Franz Hubinger, present from 20.06.-21.06.2012

External sales staff from avintos Rheinfelden:

Mr. Marc Hostettler, present from 19.06.-20.06.2012
Mr. Etienne Moritz, present from 19.06.-20.06.2012
Mr. Alex Gerspacher, present from 21.06.-22.06.2012
Mr. Ueli Burkhalter, present from 20.06.-21.06.2012
Mr. Ernst Oehninger, present from 19.06.-20.06.2012
Mr. Patrick Stoessel, present from 20.06.-21.06.2012
Mr. Alain Bezençon, present from 19.06.-20.06.2012

Successful ISO re-certification!
For many years avintos follows a consequent quality management to ensure the long-term satisfaction of its customers and continuous development in all business areas. Beginning of May, either in Rheinfelden (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria) were re-evaluated by the QS Zurich AG.

On the basis of inspections, interviews and the examination of relevant evidence, the efficacy of all functional areas and processes of the management system were be examined and avintos granted the quality management certificate according to the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 for a further three years.

"We are proud of the successful re-certification and want to continue all necessary actions to maintain the quality in future so our experience in process optimization, effectiveness and performance improvements serve to our customers."

new distribution channel
As of 1 May 2012 the company Avintos AG in Rheinfelden will be your exclusive supplier of all Tyco Valves & Controls products in Switzerland and will therefore take over all sales and services of Neotecha AG in Hombrechtikon.

We are convinced that this jointly reached sales decision will result in more optimal on-site customer support and all related business processes.

We will guarantee you a smooth transition in the existing business relationship and we or our in-house sales force at always at your disposal should you have any further questions.

We look forward to further smooth collaboration and can already assure that you will have a reliable partner for all Neotacha and Tyco Valves & Controls products at your side.
We look forward to continuing our positive collaboration with you!