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Neotecha ball valves offer an airtight seal with highest corrosion resistance!

Neotecha ball valves offer an airtight seal with highest corrosion resistance !

Highest corrosion resistance together with a bubble-tight shut-off are the characteristics of the PFA-lined ball valves Neotecha Type NTB and NTC by Pentair Valves & Controls. 
The NTB valves with a standard ball as well as the NTC C-ball design are ideally suited for use in acids or other corrosive flow media when reliable operation constant torque and no maintenance is required. Spring-loaded seats maintain a regular contact pressure on the surface of the ball, so that, even after long operating times, a constant torque and bubble-free seal can be guaranteed.  

For particularly applications, such as hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrogen fluoride (HF) or chlorine gas (Cl2), Neotecha offers the NTC-C1 version, which is delivered welded after special cleaning and treatment, in a plastic bag.
Thanks to the unique body construction in combination with the self-adjusting, leak-free stem seal (U.S. Patent No. 4,696,323), the Neotecha NTB and NTC ball valves are suitable for a variety of fields in many industries, from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to paper and pulp production and foundries to water management.
In both configurations, the body is coated with polyester (RAL 9002), thereby offering excellent protection against corrosion, even in aggressive atmospheres. The ball valves, available in sizes DN15 to 150, are designed for the temperature range from -40°C to +210°C and for pressures of 0.1 mbar (vacuum) to 16 bar.