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In-Line sampling valve from NEOTECHA

The Sapro® Sampling System from Neotecha is a simple, safe and effective method for the representative sampling of highly corrosive media without having to interrupt the ongoing process.  
Depending on the model, the Sapro® Sampling System works according to the bottle method or the piston syringe method. The latter method enables compliance with different security levels in the use of various sample containers for different use cases.
Removal into bottles is available as a manual or pneumatic operation. The manual operation takes place via a spring loaded hand lever (dead man's lever), whose function can be blocked by a bolt and secured by a lock. The automatic closing of the valve when releasing the hand lever offers additional security for the operator. The hub of the valve spindle can be set by a thread for regulating the filling speed. The air displaced from the bottle in the filling process can be directed via a threaded connection on the bottle adapter to a ventilation system or an external air wash. For performing a distance activated and process regulated sampling, the pneumatic activation of the valve is alternatively available. A single-action, spring force closing pneumatic diaphragm actuator is additionally constructed, which assumes the function of the hand lever.
All Sapro® valves are delivered with a standard bottle adapter made out of PTFE. This is equipped with an ISO-GL45 thread and a ¼” ventilation connection. The standard outlet bore of the bottle adapter has a diameter of 4 mm and can be optionally expanded up to 12 mm. For cases in which the removal of a completely enclosed sample is of the highest priority, a sampling system with a piston syringe is available.
The Sapro® Sampling Valve with a piston syringe has a universal bayonet clutch, which is the same for all valve sizes and only requires a single syringe type. After the removal of the sample, this can be further transferred from the piston syringe using a needle cap. The piston syringe simultaneously serves as a means of activation and a sample container and is available in a variety of materials for use with highly corrosive media.
The Sapro® Sampling System offers a bubble tight shutoff and is verified for its density in compliance with a leak rate of 1. It is lined with stainless steel or PFA and available in a flange or intermediate flange version in nominal widths of 25 to 100 mm. The maximum allowed pressure is 16 bar when using a bottle adapter. With a piston syringe adapter the allowed pressure is limited to a maximum of 10 bar.
The operating temperature ranges in the piston syringe system from -20° C up to + 160° C. 
In the PFA lined system with a bottle, this range is extended up to +180° C, and in the stainless steel version up to + 200° C. All PFA coated and uncoated parts are tested for electric arching with 30 kV.  

Neotecha products are marketed by Pentair Valves & Controls, one of the leading global suppliers of fittings and drive and control technology.   
Further information can be found on the Internet at www.pentair.com\valves or www.avintos.ch.