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BIAR - The solution for safe sampling

BIAR - Technisch ausgereifte Lösungen

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For safe and dependable sampling from reactor boilers, BIAR offers the Type UPR sampling device. Sampling performed during the ongoing process under operating conditions yield dependable and exact results. This constructive solution additionally enables the removal of highly corrosive and/or poisonous media whereby emissions into the atmosphere can be precluded.

The medium is sucked out of the reactor boiler through a highly resistant PFA suction hose in an immersion pipe using a vacuum. The medium rises in the inspection glass through the locking ball valve. The sample is then directed from the inspection glass into the sample bottle by atmospheric pressure using a transfer unit. For monitoring the pH value, the device can be additionally equipped with a corresponding probe connection. The medium is drawn from the reactor boiler into the inspection glass, tested there, and then redirected back into the reactor.

The connection of a continuously working circulation pump is possible if constant monitoring of the pH value is required over a longer period of time. The modular concept of the reactor sampling device can be adapted to meet the requirements of the operator according the version design.